• Structuring and arranging new loans for property investment, construction or development.
  • Review of existing property loans and, where appropriate, their renegotiation and refinancing – including restructuring of security.
  • Arranging and provision of mezzanine debt funding to support property transactions.
  • Arranging and provision of working capital facilities, and underwriting and standby funding for property managers to support the settling of property syndicates.
  • Capitalise on our strong relationships with banks and other lenders for your benefit.
  • Securing better pricing and terms for clients through a co-ordinated loan tender and documentation management process.
  • Achieving significant savings in clients' executive time.
  • Co-ordinating all legal work and passing on significant benefits to clients – in the majority of situations we can eliminate the need for external legal services for clients.
  • Advising on and co-ordinating minimisation of any state based ad valorem loan security duties.
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